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Somewhere between Wolfova and Slovenska streets in Ljubljana stands a tree that symbolises growth, tradition, integration and family. Interwoven with symbols of keys and the idea of superlative cuisine, this very tree has become the main symbol of AS Restaurant, which ever since the end of the nineties has been a pillar of Ljubljana’s culinary scene. Its unique dishes and outstanding wine list continually remind guests that some things in life are there to be truly relished.

Ever since Dutovlje in the Karst region, where Svetozar “Pope” Raspopović first served guests seafood pasta and fragrant Karst wine at the end of the eighties, switched location to the centre of Ljubljana, light Mediterranean cuisine has become an integral part of the best of what the capital has to offer. The restaurant, which right from the start has pulsed with the Raspopović family lifeblood, has become a location where guests keep returning for the cultivated and light food, for the aroma of fresh herbs and a bottle of Pope’s wine, and for the unique blend of Italian authenticity and cosmopolitan sophistication. The philosophy? Simple but high-quality ingredients. The method? A hospitality that is comfortable in prestigious yet agreeably home-like surroundings. The difference? Passion – without this, there is no AS.

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The Restaurant

To start with, we present you with a basket of home-made bread and Karst olive oil, then we bring you barbecued jumbo scallops, which will transport your mind’s eye to a sunny terrace somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. After a while you smell the thyme and rosemary, constituent parts of the home-made seafood pasta, but you really get the sense of them in combination with a glass of local Malvasia wine, at which point you will be forgiven for never wanting to drink any other wine.

First temptation? The richness of Mediterranean cuisine. You go to AS for its authenticity, which you experience when Pope, the owner, serves you a fresh fish, steak or vegetables from the Japanese grill, in this way fusing the Karst love of good things with worldly wisdom, which originates in the conviction that the simplest of things can also be the best.

All the more so when you add to this the superlative wine list, which mixes Italian, French and other sommelier achievements with the best of all the Slovenian wine-growing regions, and which succeeds in turning every dish into an unforgettable culinary experience.

Inspiration? Seafood prepared on the Japanese grill with a drop of olive oil and pinch of spices, Mediterranean Miso soup with shellfish and fish, pasta with bottarga, and to round it off, home-made panna cotta with plum jam. Or home-made pate, beefsteak and chocolate gateau for those times when you need something really intense. All of which must of course be combined with a good story, which will reassure you that it is worth banking on a family tradition, local ingredients and a pinch of savoir-faire.drinks.

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The Patio

Summer in the best light? Imagine for yourself an elegant terrace in the middle of the city, an evening breeze, a view of Ljubljana Castle, good company and food that continually inspires you with its trademark combination of the homely and worldly. The patio at AS is a spot for one-of-a-kind experiences, and is the perfect choice for events you will not want to forget. Proof that the little things bring joy.



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